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About LIC Agency

According to a survey LIC OF INDIA’S agency is one of the highest paid profession in India. In context of Indian society we have combined family concept and family head has a great responsibility towards its family, so when family responsibility is so high we need to have a part time work where time is no bar and no immediate boss.

So for that LIC OF INDIA providing a golden opportunity!!! . LIC of India, established under LIC Act, 1956 is recruiting Graduates to work as Insurance Advisor (Full-time or Part-time).

Exceptionally talented Under-Graduates will also be considered. A Candidate with any profile & background having very good contacts and who have an inclination to earn well are most welcome to join us. Training & technical support will be extra-ordinary with us.

The whole procedure can be completed in three steps and approximately it takes two weeks.First step you have to submit all your education qualification documents at our office.In second step you have to undergo 25 hrs training at our division training center and followed by IRDA examination at DELHI.

After passing the examination you will be interviewed by Branch manager of LIC.and on recommendation of your application you will be award your appointment letter and ID card.